Sat., Aug. 28 | Glass Box Projects

4282, Farewell Event

Roll it till the Wheels Fall off!
4282, Farewell Event

Time & Location

Aug. 28, 7:00 p.m. – 11:45 p.m.
Glass Box Projects

About the event

Dear friends,

As I’m writing these words, the sound of a siren fading along Kingsway Street into the smoked-infused burning orange sky sets a mood for an apocalyptic scenario. Yet, I am writing to invite you to join me to celebrate life.

At times, it’s difficult to feel festive. The news of unmarked graves related to residential schools being discovered in this country, cutting down of old-growth trees for profit, the dislocation of people due to hundreds of wildfires across this province, the pandemic, and the signs of indirect involvement of Canada in the war in Yemen, are a few reasons that the air feels thick and heavy to breathe. But, perhaps, we can gather together in solidarity to lift the heavy fog off of our chests and to celebrate life in its cruelty and beauty, as we live in the dream-reality that we create.

Since 2018 the concept of human connection and togetherness beyond cultural construct has been at the heart of my practice. I have been dedicated to investigating the possibilities of creating bridges that connect communities and appreciate the moments of intuitive connection; an exchange of a look or a gesture that affects us, the music that moves us the same way, the moments that our bodies revolve around one another to make us feel grounded; the shape of utopia and the gravity between all things. The decision to conclude this project is not to abandon my interest in the concept of celestial bodies, but it is to simply place it in the background of life and to give it the freedom to dissipate into the sound of the siren and grow again after the next rainfall.

Please join me on Saturday, August 28th at 4282 Perry Street from 7 pm to midnight to celebrate and say farewell to the house that once was the location of Glass Box Projects.

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