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Based on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, known as Vancouver BC, Glass Box is an alternative space of presentation for national and international artists. Glass Box offers a space to experiment with new ideas and generate new conversations.

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Glass Box Project started as a platform and open space for dialogues that contain all, or to some degree, any fragment of the concepts such as community, collaboration, closeness, friendship, and belonging, through the active act of making objects, spaces and environments.The concept behind the first chapter, Celestial Bodies, circles around the fundamental understanding of gravity and the connection between all things. Science explains the movement of the planets based on gravity and the barycenter of their masses. Science explains gravity and the reason behind the rotation of planets as:


“When two celestial bodies of comparable mass interact gravitationally, both orbit about a fixed point (the centre of mass of the two bodies). This point lies between the bodies on the line joining them at a position such that the products of the distance to each body with the mass of each body are equal.”


Applying the law of gravity to our human scale Chun-Mei Chuang in her article on e-flux online journal Politics of Orbits: Will We Meet Halfway? Compares the connection between planets to socio-political connection between lives on earth. She argues that while we orbit together in our solar system we also revolve and “wrap around each other.” She states:


"The epistemic transition from the visible earth and Sun to the invisible center of mass reveals the evolution of our cognitive devices as physical beings. This evolution spans the intuition and concepts inherent to naked-eye science and the increasingly complex assemblages of extended cognition. While the concept of the system allows us to see the bigger picture, we are also urged to see the processes on a smaller scale."



The idea of gravity and revolving together and around one another has been at the center of this curatorial/artist project, with Glass Box functioning as the barycenter of the relationship.



Aileen Bahmanipour - Bio-box

June 21st - July 30th, 2021

Pooya Razi
April 20th - May 31st, 2021

Jessica Gnyp - Spotlight

November 15th to December 21, 2020

Michelle Weinstein - Gloaming
October 1st - November 7th, 2020

Vivienne Bessette -  Landline
May - July 30th, 2020

Jordan Milner - Grafting the Perennial Phantom
November 16th - December 21st, 2019
Ed Spence - Detox Garden
September 14th - October 20th, 2019
Max Galyon - a lot
June 1st - July 10th, 2019


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