Dear friends,


As I’m writing these words, the sound of a siren fading along Kingsway Street into the smoke-infused burning orange sky sets the mood for an apocalyptic scenario. Yet, I am writing to invite you to join me to celebrate life.

They sold the house that was the location of Glass Box Projects for the past three years and we are given notice to move out in good faith. Even thought, the pandemic is not completely dissipated from our lives and the flow of bad news in this country and all over the world, perhaps, make it difficult to feel festive at times, I am eager to create a space of gathering where feelings can be felt, laughter can be shared, and ideas can be exchanged.


By August 28th, when this event takes place, I am mostly moved out of this place and the resources would be sparse, so bring what comforts you, your camping chair, your musical instrument or something to share or even a tent to crash for the night.

Glass Box Projects has been a platform for exhibitions and events since 2019 and it's always been what you make it. Come as you are!

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday August 28th, 7pm onward, at 4282 Perry Street (backyard).

Best regards,


August 13th, 2021



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