Glass Box Project COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

To ensure the health and safety of our visitors and artists Glass Box has conducted the following policies, guidelines and procedures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVD-19.

1. Risk Assessment
We have identified the areas where there may be risks, either through close physical proximity or through contaminated food or surfaces. The possible risks are as follows:

  • Areas that people congregate, such as backyard and around the Glass Box

  • Surface that people touch such as table, gate, plates and cutlery

2. Protocols Implementation of Risk Mitigation

these protocols include:

  • Providing hand sanitizer at the table

  • Use gloves and face mask while serving food

  • Serve food directly from BBQ

  • Use disposable plates and cutlery

  • Provide mask for visiting the Glass Box

  • Implementing physical distancing measures at the backyard and inside

  • Limiting number of visitors (to 10 people)  at the backyard

  • Limiting number of visitors (to 1 person) inside the house.

3. Policy Development

  • All visitors have to provide contact number for contact tracing if necessary

  • Visitors may not visit the Glass Box if they show symptoms of respiratory illness, the common cold, influenza or COVID-19

  • Visitors may not visit the Glass Box without a mask if they have traveled anywhere outside of British Columbia (in Canada) within the last 14 days

  • Visitors may not visit the Glass Box if they have traveled anywhere outside of Canada within the last 14 days, especially countries with major COVID-19 outbreak (such as USA, Iran, Brazil, etc)

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